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Product Strategy

Design and implement a custom strategy for your product in order to properly identify and resolve issues prior to launch, monitor, and mitigate potential risks after launch, and exceed expectations from consumers.

Our product strategy timeline

At the beginning of any project, you start with a vision. We will do everything we can to transform that vision into reality from the moment it reaches our knowledge. Our team will perform an initial assessment to determine all available resources, predict the amount of work required and develop a realistic project timeline. This will ensure that your organization has a clear understanding of how long each phase of the project should take and when the deliverables should be expected.

Once the processes for the product have been established, we will develop a minimum viable product (MVP) to initially bring the vision to life. This step of the product strategy allows your organization to get a sense of what it should expect from the product when the entire project is complete. The MVP will also grant the opportunity for stakeholders to propose new ideas and/or changes to the vision before it is thrown into the design and development stages.

Immediately following the creation of the MVP, we will take a closer look at the larger details of your product, including the intended audience and the industry you plan to serve. Our team will help your organization develop a clear understanding of what the finished product requires in order to maximize its value. Additionally, we will also consider all aspects that go into the project to determine the best course of action, including the budget, resources, needs and feedback provided by stakeholders during the presentation of the MVP.

When the goals and expectations have been defined, our team will formulate a plan for the design and development stages. All the key factors, such as expectations for the workflow and product features, will be established during this time. Essentially, this stage will prepare the product for market readiness by gathering all necessary information and creating a design/development outline based on the information available.

There are many variables that go into the design and presentation of a project. At End2End IT Solutions, we will create the user interface (UI) and the user experience (UX) of the product in order to make it as functional and easy-to-use as possible. We will begin by laying out ideas on paper, followed by translating them into the program and finalizing the design. Upon completion, our team will demo the UI/UX with users to ensure the product is interactive and contains zero design flaws.

We understand that the development phase is the most challenging and time-consuming part of software project. Before we begin coding your product, we will ensure that your organizations is completely satisfied with the design. This will reduce the possibility of making costly revisions during or after the coding portion of the project. Furthermore, we will work to meet aggressive deadlines and complete the project sooner than the expected delivery date.

In the final stage of the project, we will develop a product strategy for testing, releasing and maintaining stable versions of your product. Once the initial product is released, we will continue to offer support for the product by developing software patches and performing scheduled maintenance. In the event your software breaks or is compromised, we will alert your organization and immediately begin working on a fix. In addition, we will be happy to develop newer releases of your software in the future.


It starts with your idea


Product managers who ask the tough questions

Our product managers are strategic thinkers with extensive business experience. They analyze the user feedback and competitive framework against your vision and prioritize features to ensure that the product strategy will maximize your revenue model. They not only provide strategic direction but manage the entire project process and progress. They are your go-to persons and fully accountable for the ultimate success of your product. They anticipate problems and identify roadblocks so that your project stays on time and to spec

Project management that’s transparent and accountable

We ensure maximum transparency and collaboration by leveraging project management tools, throughout the engagement. You can always see who’s been assigned which tasks and stay informed of due dates and approvals. Monthly reports give you aggregated insight into the progress of execution against your business objectives and identify potential risks.

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